Nox is a techno producer from germany. He was born in Bad Kreuznach in 1983. At the age of 6 he had his first contact with electronic dance music. 5 years later he produced his first track on an Amiga 500, with a simple notation software. As the years passed he got some turntables and other equipment such as midi controller and synths for his home studio. While he enjoyed being a DJ he still produced lots of tracks. Missing the live feeling, he decided to start a live act with shuffled grooves and freaky synthlines. Demotracks were sent to different record label, but he wasn’t really successful at the time so he tried to contact some net labels, to share his tracks for free. Many releases followed. Eventually he decided to start his own net label Schmob Recording, because no label wants to release his freaky stuff. His tracks were (and still are) influenced by styles like brighton and wonky techno. But he also likes to try out different types of electronic music to show his diversity. Electronic music has always been his passion and he likes to show it through his music.

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