Various Artists – Remove the barriers EP (schmob-rec 01) … soon!!!

10 years after founding Schmob Recordings, its time to take the next step!
We took some great tracks from our net releases and one bonustrack (previously released on gaintrax) and put them on vinyl!

Ulf Kramer, Sane and founder Nox show you what Schmob Recordings is all about!
Fine and unorthodox tracks from the representatives of nonconformist sounds!

Allow these enchanting freaky tracks to lead you into their maelstrom of chaos and disorder.

It’s time to „Remove the Barriers“


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schmob-12 out now

ulf kramer – logorrhoe ep [schmob-12]


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Schmob @ Bandcamp

You can find Schmob now on Bandcamp!!

schmob-11 out now…

sane – insula ep [schmob-11]


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new nox release on schmob….10!!!

nox – auf wieder zehn [schmob-10]


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schmob-09 out now….

oelbaron+mim-2 1 risiko [schmob-08]


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schmob-08 out now….

labellabil – nox remixes [schmob-08]


nox remixed some tracks for emma kurz and rafi! from labellabil rec.
3 different remixes which show his diversity….
we hope to get a release by the labellabil guys soon!

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schmob-07 out now….

ulf kramer – gesichtsverlust ep [schmob-07]


here is the last release for this year.
we proudly present ulf kramer from kassel (germany).
we love the deep atmoshere, the groovy rhythms and the kind he is playing with his funny vocallines.

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schmob-06 out now….

dize7 – lunatic keyboard [schmob-06]


the next release on schmob comes from DiZE7.DiZE7 (Jukka-Pekka Kervinen) is a Finnish composer/producer, writer and visual artist. he uses a lot of algorithmic stuff and selfwritten software. really great sounds and wonderful grooves………..we love it =)

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schmob-05 out now…..

nox – fivekonzert [schmob-05]


schmob is back…. the next release comes from labelhead nox. 3 great tunes that fit perfectly to schmob. freaky stuff with powerful grooves.

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